PEER4MANCE Business Process Automation (BPA) is a custom SMB equivalent to large company Enterprise Resource Planning software, also known as ERP.

Common to both SMBs and large companies, many of the various processes that are essential to running the business are managed by separate and incompatible software programs.

PEER4MANCE BPA uses the architecture of its core payroll engine to offer custom business process automation wherever data from multiple sources is collected and correlated and shared with varying degrees of detail to multiple roles in a business.

The streamlined BPA process offers accuracy, security and customized collaboration and frees up resources for analysis to gain important insights about how the business is running.

The central feature of all ERP systems is a shared database that supports multiple functions used by employees with different responsibilities. At its most basic level, ERP software for larger companies integrates these various functions into one complete system to streamline processes and information.

Small business owners and managers, entirely without the benefit of large company ERPs, have traditionally used Excel spreadsheets or Google docs as a “poor facsimile ERP” where data from multiple sources is manually entered and subject to inaccuracies and data loss.  And even if you’re incredibly creative with cell colors and fonts and formatting, you bump up against Excel’s limits as a database management tool pretty quickly.

Let's Get Started

We start by looking at all the ways you collect, correlate and share data.  We’ll look at the different sources and the opportunities for API access or at least downloadable CSV files.  We’ll show you the types of BPA modules we already have set up for other clients such as credit card reconciliation or document uploads. We’ll prioritize what we can get done in an initial set up.  Then we will establish what the deliverables are at the initial launch and the road map for adding additional functionality.