P4 Chat

P4 Chat is a real-time multi-channel communication hub that collects and vectors chat, voice, text, email, data and documents in secure phone and desktop applications.

P4 Call Center was developed for SMBs that want to build the value discipline of customer intimacy by cost-effectively leveraging their people and readily available low-cost technology.

P4 Team was designed to enable important conversations among employees as well as managers and owners.  Much appreciated customer service, problem-solving, competitive benchmarking and having fun at work – these are the antidote to a fate worse than being controlled which is being ignored and the self-propelling fuel to drive increasingly higher performance.

The two modules of P4 Chat go beyond mere collaboration. It builds lasting emotional connections among customers, companies and employees.  The magic of the translation receipt and delivery engine in P4 Chat is in its technical immediacy and personal intimacy.

P4 Call Center

P4 Call Center was born from the classic problem of messageus interruptus. According to a 2017 Forrester research report an SMB’s best customers are ones who initiate a phone call – they call with intent to buy, they convert faster, spend more, and churn less. Customers prefer to contact businesses by phone but most phone calls to SMBs go unanswered.  What’s worse, the majority of those callers don’t leave a message.

P4’s continuous communication doesn’t mean your customer facing team is talking all the time.  It means there are no bottlenecks in the flow from the moment important messages and information are generated to receipt by the people in your company who can act on them.

Customers love it without even knowing they’re using it because the messages they generate in their chosen medium (voice, text or email) are delivered to a group dashboard and replied to “on the fly” from whatever medium is immediately available to your team.

P4 Chat enables two-way texting as well as the delivery of voice to text and email communication into a dashboard that can be worked by anyone in your business who has access.  The real-time monitoring and reporting of the communication backlog reduces missed calls and response times.

P4 Team

P4 Team grew up organically in its early installations with the goal to get employees aligned with each other and with managers and owners. Especially in multi-location businesses, a sense of isolation is a common complaint.

According to 2015 data from Gallup, only 32% of employees in the U.S. are engaged. Their data shows that 51% of employees are unengaged, and 17% are actively disengaged.  Only 40% of employees know what their company goals are. Nearly all company leaders responding to the survey said an employee engagement strategy would help a lot.  Only 25% of the companies had a strategy. Three-quarters of people leaving their jobs admit it’s because of their boss.

P4 Team is about driving employee engagement.  Everyone knowing how everyone else is doing through automated channel updates generates both competitive juices and team collaboration.  Everyone knowing something about how the company is doing, especially day by day, unlocks discretionary effort to make a difference.

If you’re operating your business on a “need to know” basis, P4 Chat’s Call Center and Team modules were built to demonstrate that the more your employees know the more they’ll provide five-star customer service, work together and stick with you.

Let’s get started.

We’ll start by understanding what you have.  We’ll show you all the applications available as well as the information reporting functions.  Each business decides the content and the cadence of communication designed to get everyone lined up and working together, leaving each day with a sense of accomplishment or a set of goals about what to do differently tomorrow.  We’ll establish what works for your business and work on a quick and painless onboarding.

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